Technology Consulting

Our firm’s strongest element is our broad technical knowledge base. So it only follows that we capitalize on that by providing consulting services to the various business sectors. With more than 30 years of experience in IT and business support services, we can provide value-added solutions that address your pressing challenges and improve business performance. Our services include providing process improvements through technology integration, implementing IT infrastructures, as well as project management and risk management services in regulated or non-regulated environments.


As operating budgets get smaller, organizations are looking for ways to maintain their quality and level of productivity at less cost. Along with technology advances, more businesses are increasingly supporting a mobile workforce. This requires a secured infrastructure and flexible systems designed to meet the business need at the lowest possible cost. Our team is experienced with virtualization technologies such as Citrix XEN, VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors and can work with you to develop the best virtualization strategy to meet those needs.

Infrastructure / Networking

A house is only as strong as its foundation. The same holds true for your business. The infrastructure has become a critical part of an organization’s ability to conduct their daily business.  Whether you are implementing an infrastructure for a small-to-medium business or needing an enterprise solution, we are able to assist in your infrastructure needs. Our team has over 10 years experience in networking ranging from local-area to wide-area networks. We can also provide designs that will segment internal networks for added protection against security threats and viruses. This is extremely critical when production-critical subnets share the same resources as general-use subnets.

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Managed Services

Businesses both large and small, are increasingly overwhelmed trying to implement and maintain a complex environment of voice and data networks. Maintaining in-house expertise and tools to manage this infrastructure adds costs and shifts the company’s focus from their core business, particularly in small and growing businesses. We can help to implement the right technology that compliments your unique processes and work environment to maximize productivity while lowering costs. 

Infrastructure Management
We offer management services that include servers, workstations, network appliances and services. Our team can assess your workplace, design, build, deploy, and manage the IT infrastructure for you. Our support capabilities range from Help Desk technical support, desktop management, to server and network performance management. 

Our goal is to provide complete IT asset management that maximizes system up time and minimizes the time for resolving issues allowing you to focus on your business. Our full services option provides comprehensive services for desktops, servers, networks, and databases including preventive maintenance for desktops. This includes:

- Server Backup and offsite storage    - Hardware Failures
- Event Log Monitoring   - Anti-virus Definition and Prevention
- Service Availability Monitoring   - Unified Threat Management Detection and Prevention
- Network Security and Performance Monitoring   - Security Patching Management Programs
- Server Health Check and Analysis   - Application Log Maintenance
- Server Performance Monitoring    

Network, Servers & Workstations –
Our team can help you to evaluate your business needs, select the appropriate hardware and networking solutions, and develop a Technology Proposal for your firm. Once approved, we can implement your company’s customized solution using industry best practices. Contact us for assistance with any of the following: 

Workgroup Computing – Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016, Windows 7 Pro, Windows 10 Pro.
Remote Computing – Virtual Desktop solutions, VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections, Remote Email access.
Network Consulting – Network design & configuration, installation and cabling.

Network Security – Network Security Appliances, Virus, malware and worm protection, firewall appliances, routers, anti-spyware tools, email spam filtering.
Hardware – Servers, workstations, printers and other office automation hardware including recommendations, setup and installation.

We can meet with you to discuss your firm’s specific needs and make recommendations to help satisfy them.

Site Management Services
Monthly support agreements covering all aspects of site management with agreed upon service levels are also available taking the guesswork out of managing your IT infrastructure. 

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Content Management

One of the most critical assets of an organization is its intellectual property. So why are companies willing to accept the risk associated with trying to manage documents and content using outdated processes and labor-intensive manual systems? Every organization understands that managing paper documents is one of the highest costs for any company. The costs to create [paper, printer consumables, power, etc.] and manage the documents and records are increasing. Ironically, these same organizations are also aware that there is a better way to handle their content that would be more efficient, costs less, and increase revenues.

Document and Records Management

Document Management is essential to a better organized office as it relates to your company’s work products, i.e. documents, emails, research, and so on. It is one of the fundamental building blocks of moving to electronic records or a "paperless office." The systems and processes needed for this must ensure that the storing, searching and retrieval of content is accurate, effortless and consistent no matter what the content, i.e. document, spreadsheet, email, etc.

Records management and information retrieval in every industry have become critical to daily business activities. Having the right information, in the right place, at the right time can be the difference between success and failure. Let our team assist your business in designing a content management system that will help to lessen your dependence on paper and improve office productivity.

Records Storage

Almost every industry has retention requirements for their historical records. If the storage of those records is taking up valuable office space, let us store them for you at a fraction of the cost

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Systems Automation

SCADA systems can have many complex and interrelated processes. Building the infrastructure to support these types of systems not only requires IT expertise but also knowledge of the automation process and how the pieces are connected. Our staff of consultants includes degreed engineers with many years of experience in the design and implementation of Manufacturing SCADA systems and supporting plant IT systems. We also have training and experience in the development and execution of validation documentation such as Functional Requirements Specifications, Technical Specifications, Installation and Operational Qualifications, and Performance Qualifications for computerized systems in regulated environments governed by FDA 21CFR Parts 11, 210, and 211. 

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